Ghr se nikalney ki dua|Dua before leaving Home

You can read dua ,because its sunnah. Being a muslim, we should follow sunnah of our Prophet(Peace be upon Him).

Today, I am going to reveal one of the simplest and the easiest Ghar sy nikalny ki dua with you all. The authenticity of this dua is that, it hasn’t been narrated by any Sahaba or Buzurg. Instead, this dua and its benefits are directly shared and narrated by Huzoor Pak (S.A.W).

Leaving home is a part of life and is necessary for almost every men, women and children.

This dua works as a shield to protect the reciter from all uncertain mishaps and accidents. Indeed, Allah (SWT) is the best protector.

Ghr se nikalney ki dua with English translation.

Benefits of Reciting Dua before leaving home

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) narrated 4 essential benefits the reciter of this dua will be blessed with.


When the person recites this dua, he gets assurance of guidance by the Almight Allah. Which means the reciter is now being guided by God in his journey.

Undoubtedly, when Allah (SWT)’s help and guide is along with the person, there are no chances of disappointment, loss and defeat left.


The second benefit bestowed by the God is that, Allah confirms that He is sufficent for the recitor. This shows that Allah is sufficient for the person when he is leaving home after reacting this powerful ghar sy nikalny ki dua for any positive aim.

When ultimately Allah(SWT)’s help is sufficient, then that person doesn’t need anybody else to support him in any way.


The third benefit revealed by God depicts that the reciter is protected. This shows that when the person recites this ghar sy nikalny ki dua before leaving home, that person is under the protective shield of God against unforeseen mishaps, uncertain disasters, accidents and situations.



The foruth benefit for the recitor is that he is being protected against Shaitan.

Shaitan is our open evil who has challenged God that he would never miss a chance of misguiding his mankind. However, the person who read this dua before leaving home, Allah (SWT) protects him against evil thoughts, impact of evil eyes, bad intentions and bad deeds all the way.

Thus, shaitan will not get a chance to come close to you and harm you in any way.

Huzoor Pak (SAW) has emphasized on the Muslim Ummah to recite this ghar sy nikalny ki dua before leaving home each time you step out. So that you remain protected by the best guardian who loves you more than 70 times than your mother.

Recitation of this dua keeps you safe against unforeseen situations, incidents and mishaps.

Practice the recitation of this simplest ghar sy nikalny ki dua or dua before leaving home as a part of your daily routine, which can easily be memorized and recited by all children, youngsters and old age man and women and you will avail these benefits in your life and the life Hereafter. 

How To Get Your Duas Answered Quickly?

Remember, the fact of nature – anyone who fulfills the needs and the wishes of others, Allah will fulfill their wishes. Asking others to pray for you is highly recommended.

Specifically certain examples of people.

Those who are ill, the Imam says: When you go and visit someone, who is ill, ask them to pray for you because their Dua will be answered more quickly.

The other example are your parents. If they are alive, ask them to pray for you.

In case your parents are passed away, visit the grave and ask Allah at their grave.

Narration of the Ahlulbayt says at the grave of the parents, Dua will be answered as well, many of example suggests but there is a very important Deeds that will end with this is key for fulfilling the needs of others do good to others.

The lady who is about to give birth in labor had dua is what  surely answer by Allah.

Someone whose heart is broken because Hadith Qudsi Say: ‘I am with those whose hearts are broken. Hearts broken because of injustice, hearts broken because of wrong doing, not the hearts broken because a lover has left them! There is a difference.

The person who has gone for oppression or injustice Iike a Yateem (orphan) or a poor person.

Become a Servitude:

Servitude means to help people in need. All those who come to ask you for assistance and want some relief. Sometimes when we are given this opportunity, we think of it as doing a favor to that person isn’t it? When someone comes to us asking for help remember, you may be fixing his or her dunya, but they are fixing my Akhrat.

It is a gift from Allah that someone asks you for help, It is the opportunity to serve.

Indeed we are told this is a very critical prerequisite, yes that the believers need to demonstrate in order that the Almighty (SWT) gives them what is good for them. That’s why you find that the Ahlulbayt (A.S) and Sahabas were brilliant examples of helping and sacrificing with others in history which are unmatched and unparalleled. Each individual you see, constantly thinking of others before themselves,

Famous story that’s were told in Surah Al-Insan each and every member the Ahlulbayt had their own collection of stories in relation to how they would look at others before they look at themselves, and they were the Masters of servitude towards others this highlights to us what is highlights to us the key aspect in the religion of Islam of community service and assisting others.

A Success Guide

Once a man came to Hazrat Ali (A.S) and asked that he wanted to know how to stay protected and blessed by Allah (SWT) when he stepped out of the house.

He doesn’t want any trouble to come near to him.

Then Imam Ali said to eat a piece of bread with salt before leaving the house, and recite Surah-e-Nasar 3 times. ‘May every trouble be away from you and success comes to you as your special guest. May the blessings of Allah be with you always.’

Hence, integrating ghar sy nikalny ki dua shared by Huzoor Pak (SAW)  and this practice of Imam Ali will keep you out of trouble of all kinds. Allah Will protect you all from Satanic and physical evils.

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