Dua e Masura with Urdu and English Translation

The word “Masura” means is to be “protected” or “insured”. This dua can be read to protect our self from any mishap ,bad incident or any kind of danger.

You can read this dua to get protection and feels safe.

Dua e Masura with english translation:

Dua e Masura – Life Changing Wazifa For Hajaat

What will happen if you integrate the recitation of Dua e Masura in your life?

Dua-e-Masura has been considered as a powerful source of prayer acceptance by many great Sufis and Muslim Scholars. Let’s explore the best implementation of Dua e Masura in our lives.

The moment you start reciting Dua e Masura in your daily routine, you will soon experience calamity in your life and you will soon experience that a lot of your joys and smiles will get restored.

Those who spend [in good] and those who pray and beg Allah’s pardon in the last hours of the night. Quran 3:17

What if I only Listen Dua-e-Masura instead of recitation?

Even if you feel like you cannot read it for some reason, then listening to this dua holds equal influence in your life.

There can be a thought provoking question in your mind that what is Dua-e-Masura and what is the best time or how to recite dua e masura to obtain best results in your life?

First of all, keep this thing in your mind that we first need to prioritize our Farz, Nafl, Sunnah and Namaz. After performing the certain Wajibaat and Nawafil, we recite durood-e-Ibrahimi.

‘Indeed, I am Allah . There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance.’ -Surah Taaha 20:14

‘And We made them leaders guiding by Our command. And We inspired to them the doing of good deeds, establishment of prayer, and giving of zakah; and they were worshippers of Us.’ –Surah e Muzzammil 21:73

Now Dua that we recite after the recitation of Durood-e-Ibrahimi, is Dua-e-Masura.  So, once you have a sound practice of these obligations, you can recite Dua e Masura at the end of each prayer to acquire the life changing results. Remember, recitation of Dua-e-Masura is sunnah not wajib.

Most of the time, people use to perform Attahiyyat and recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi only and that’s completely Okay. However, to add essence to your prayer, integrating the practice of reciting Dua-e-Masura at the end would be a cherry on top.

‘My God, my heart is veiled, my soul deficient, my intelligence defeated, my caprice triumphant, my obedience little, my disobedience much and my tongue acknowledges sins. So what am I to do? Oh He who covers defects! Oh He who knows the unseen things! Forgive my sins, all of them, by the sacredness of Muhammad and the household of Muhammad! Oh All-forgiver! Oh All-forgiver! Oh All-forgiver! By Thy mercy, oh Most Merciful of the merciful! -Dua Al-Sabaah

Miraculous Treasure

Dua-e-Masura is a miraculous treasure for sick to get well, to overcome all kinds of indebts, a source of blessing in the home and to remove all kinds of misfortunes and troubles from home.

Whether if it is your or someone else’s job issue, someone’s marriage issue, or an issue of childlessness, and for any kind of tension and trouble.

No matter how many problems there are, the solution to every problem is present in the Quran.

‘And your Lord says, Call upon me and I will respond to you.’ (40:60)

‘This is the book about which there is no doubt, A guidance for those conscious of Allah.’ – Al-Quran 2:2

‘My Lord I am in need of whatever good you send down to me.’  (28:24)

I am going to tell you about an excellent wazifa of Dua-e-Masura, definitely read it.

Every day after Namaz, at any time. If after every Namaz the power of Nai Kar is reduced to less after every Namaz, but if after every Namaz the power is reduced to the maximum then he is the best. Keep your Dua-e-Masura in your heart with the intention of 11 martyrs for whose success you want to achieve and after testing, pray for them. Every day you will see your desire, your dilemma or your intentions, and by reciting the wazifa of Dua-e-Masura your fool will be seen.  But it is necessary that your prayers are not illegitimate but are they valid.

From any spiritual or uncertain disasters, scholars have experienced it as a protective shield, a source of prosperity and divine mercy.  Believers who recite Dua-e-Masura are asking for protection and peace in their lives.

An Expression of Deepest Desire

Dua-e-Masura is an expression of gratitude for individuals to express their deepest desire towards Allah SWT.

Dua-e-Masura is not an obligatory supplication. However, it holds a significance spiritual impact from Allah SWT blessings.

‘Glory be to Thee! We have no knowledge but that which Thou has taught us; surely Thou art the knowing, the Wise.’ – Surah Al-Baqarah

‘There is no God but Thou, glory be to Thee; surely I am of those who make themselves to suffer loss.  –Surah Al-Anabiya,87.

Is Dua-e-Masura present in Quran?

Dua-e-Masura is not specifically labelled with the name in any Sipara in Quran. However, the verses 255-257 from Surah Al-Baqarah are present in this dua.

Recitation of this dua rewards a shelter of protection and calamity in times of trouble. Believers who recite this dua will not die until they have a reserved place in Jannah.

Dua-e-Masura Available in Roman, English and Urdu Translation


Bismillah Hir Rehman Irraheem

Allahumma Inni Zalamtu Nafsi Zulman Kaseeraan, Wala Yaghfiruz- Zunooba Illa Anta, Faghfirlee Maghfiratan-min ‘Indika War Hamnee Innakaa Antal Ghafoor ur Ra’heem


Aye Allah, Beshak mai ne apni nafs yani apni jan per bohat ziyada zulm kiya. Aur teray siwa koi gunahoon ko nahi baksh sakta.Bus mujh ko baksh dy apni khaas bakhshish sy aur mujh par reham farma

Beshak tu he bakshny wala, behad reham wala hai


‘O Allah, I have greatly wronged myself

And You alone can forgive sins,

So grant me forgiveness from you and have mercy on me.

You are the forgiving and merciful One.

Short Explanation:

Look at the message and pray from the heart that O Allah, I have not done wrong, no one has ever complained to me, I have never disobeyed your command, I am only responsible for my own sins, I have not done wrong because of your grace and mercy.

No one is of any use now, no one can help, only you can forgive my sins.

Forgiveness means to cover sins. O Allah, hide my sins and even at this age I need Your mercy, otherwise You did not punish me much because of my sins, without doubt You showed mercy. Also Read Holy Quran daily in the morning, especially “Surah Yaseen” gives you spiritual power and protection all day long.

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